Western Boundary Currents / 西岸境界流 本文へジャンプ
Research Interests / 研究内容

We are investigating mechanism of variability of western boundary currents, such as the Kuroshio and Oyashio flowing around Japan.


Kuroshio / 黒潮
  The North Pacific circulation in OGCM
 Westward propagation of Rossby waves
[ Representative Papers / 論文]
  • Tanaka, K. et al. (2004): Predictability of interannual variability in the Kuroshio transport south of Japan based on wind stress data over the North Pacific. Journal of Oceanography 60 283-292.
  • Tanaka, K. & M. Ikeda (2004): Propagation of Rossby waves over ridges excited by interannual wind forcing in a western North Pacific model. Journal of Oceanography 60 329-340.

[ Abridged Editions / 抄訳]
  • 田中ら (2004): 日本南岸の黒潮流量の2年予測,月刊海洋号外 37 211-221 (in Japanese).
  • 和方ら (2004): 日本南岸および東シナ海における黒潮流量の経年変化. 月刊海洋号外 37 56-82 (in Japanese).