Exchange processes between shelf and basin, Interaction between coastal circulations and western boundary current 陸棚−海盆間の海水交換、沿岸循環と西岸境界流の相互作用

Research Interests / 研究内容

We are investigating interaction between coastal and open-ocean regions: Descent and/or upwelling of seawater along the continental slope, interaction between coastal currents and western boundary currents, and so on.


Bottom-Intensified Tidal Flow Over the Continental Slpoe
/ 陸棚斜面上の強い底層潮流
  Bottom-intensified tidal flow over the continental slope in a numerical model
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Bottom Water Formation in the Japan Sea
/ 日本海の底層水形成
  Descent of Dense Water in the Japan Sea
[ Representative Papers / 論文]
  • Tanaka, K. (2014): Formation of bottom water and its variability in the northwestern part of the Sea of Japan. Journal of Geophysical Research 119 2081-2094.

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Dynamics of Density Currents Descending the Continental Slope
/ 陸棚斜面を沈降する密度流の力学
  Density current descending the continental slope
 Lagrangian view of the density current
[ Representative Papers / 論文]
  • Tanaka, K. (2006): Effects of the Earth's rotation and bottom slope on a density current descending a sloping bottom. Journal of Geophysical Research 111 C11018.
  • Tanaka, K, K. Akitomo (2001): Baroclinic instability of density current along a sloping bottom and the associated transport process Journal of Geophysical Research 106(C2) 2621-2638.
  • Tanaka, K, K. Akitomo (2000): Density current descending along continental slope and the associated deep water formation: Two-dimensional numerical experiments with a nonhydrostatic model. Journal of Oceanography 56 117 - 130.

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Interaction Between Coastal Circulations and Western Boundary Current
/ 西岸境界流と沿岸循環相互作用
  The Kuroshio current and coastal circulation off the south of coast of Japan
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