Coastal sea circulation, Linkage between sea and land through rivers 沿岸海洋循環、河川を通しての海と陸の連結 本文へジャンプ
Research Interests / 研究内容

We are aiming to develop skills of high-resolution physical oceanographic observation in many coastal seas around Japan, especially in the areas where high-resolution surveys using CTD and ADCP have not been made yet.



Tohoku Region / 東北地方(大槌湾や釜石湾など)
 Summer circulation in Otsuchi Bay
  Monitoring system in Otsuchi Bay
[ Representative Papers / 論文]
  • Tanaka, K. et al. (2017): Baroclinic circulation and its high frequency variability in Otsuchi Bay on the Sanriku ria coast, Japan. Journal of Oceanography 73 25-38.
  • Tanaka, K. et al. (2016): High-resolution hydrographic observation with local communities in the Sanriku coastal seas, Japan. In Marine ecosystems after Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 (eds: Kogure, K. et al.) 35-36.

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Tokai Region / 東海地方(駿河湾)
  Numerical simulation of Sakura shrimp eggs in Suruga Bay
Drifting buoy in Suruga Bay
[ Representative Papers / 論文]
  • Tanaka, K. et al. (2011): A numerical study on the transport of eggs and larvae of Sergia lucens in Suruga Bay, Japan. Fisheries Oceanography 20 206-218.
  • Tanaka, K. et al. (2009): Spreading of river water in Suruga Bay. Journal of Oceanography 65 165-177.
  • Tanaka, K. et al. (2008): Numerical experiments on wind-driven circulations and associated transport processes in Suruga Bay. Journal of Oceanography 64 93-102.

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Hokkaido / 北海道(厚岸湾)
  Tidal circulation in Akkeshi Bay
 Mooring of observation instruments in Akkeshi Bay
[ Representative Papers / 論文]
In preparation

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In preparation

Kanto Region / 関東地方(常磐沖)
  Linkage between sea and land through rivers off the Joban coast
[ Representative Papers / 論文]
  • Tanaka, K. et al. (2022): Spread of Fukushima-derived radiocesium over the coastal ocean in response to typhoon-induced flooding in September 2011. Limnology and Oceanography 67 1184-1193.

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