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International Coastal Research Center (ICRC)
The Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI), The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)


The International Coastal Research Center is located in Otsuchi Bay on northern Japanfs Pacific coast. The cold Oyashio and warm Kuroshio currents foster high productivity and biodiversity in and around Otsuchi Bay. The large earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011 resulted in serious disturbance to the nearby coastal ecosystem. It is very important to monitor physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the ecosystem as it recovers. Thus, we intend to reconstruct the ICRC in Otsuchi in order to contribute significantly to international coastal research.

Research Contents

Coastal Ecosystem Section
The coastal ecology section focuses on promotion of international, collaborative research into the effect of variability in marine and climatic conditions on the modern and historical coastal ecology of the Sanriku area.

Coastal Conservation Section
The coastal conservation section division aims to provide a framework for conservation, restoration, and sustainability of coastal ecosystems by focusing on the life history and behavioral ecology of coastal marine organisms and dynamics of bioelements in the coastal areas.

Coastal Ecosystem Restoration Section
The coastal ecosystem restoration section analyzes the effects of the mega-earthquake and massive tsunami events of March 11, 2011, on coastal ecosystems and organisms, and monitors the secondary successions of damaged ecosystems.

Faculty Members

Coastal Ecosystem Section
Professor (concurrent) MICHIDA, Yutaka ymichida@
Associate Professor TANAKA, Kiyoshi ktanaka@
Project Associate Professor NISHIBE, Yuichiro ynishibe@
Research Associate SHIRAI, Kotaro kshirai@

Coastal Conservation Section
Professor AOYAMA, Jun jaoyama@
Professor (concurrent) SATO, Katsufumi katsu@
Research Associate FUKUDA, Hidek hfukuda@

Coastal Ecosystem Restoration Section
Director/Professor KAWAMURA,Tomohiko kawamura@
Associate Professor KITAGAWA, Takashi takashik@
Research Associate HAYAKAWA, Jun jhayakawa@
Project Research Associate HIROSE, Masato mhirose@


Coastal Marine Science (CMS)

Coastal Marine Science (peer reviewed journal) is published annually by International Coastal Research Center. Manuscripts may be submitted as Reviews, Original Articles, and Short Resports.

The latest volume is Vol. 40, No. 1 & No.2 released on October, 2017.
Upload to the website is in preparation.
Guide for Authors (pdfj
Submission should be sent to
Associate Professor Kiyoshi Tanaka (deputy chief editor):
or Professor Tomohiko Kawamura (chief editor):
The published papers can be downloaded here (JavaScript need to be activated).

Contact Information

International Coastal Research Center
The Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute,
The University of Tokyo
2-106-1, Akahama, Otsuchi, Iwate 028-1102, Japan

Tel. : +81-193-42-5611 (only in Japanese)
Fax: +81-193-42-5612 (only in Japanese)
E-mail: engan-jimu@ (only in Japanese)

For contact in English, please get in touch with Director/Professor Tomohiko Kawamura:
kawamura@, or the other faculty members listed above.